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Their inspirational new book

With insight, gentleness and understanding this collaboration between Poet and Photographer examines the key aspects of being human - our loves, our laughter, our desires and how we cope in both good times and bad,

It is a gentle hand offered in times of darkness and a shining light celebrating the joy of existence. This superb book speaks directly to the soul of humanity.

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"It was as if I could hear a voice speaking to me from the pages. Utterly beautiful."

                                                                                                 Jodie Penasa (Monaco Arts & Danse, Monaco)

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Half the proceeds from the sale of this book will be shared equally between the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Sarcoma UK to help support their magnificent work in raising the awareness of both devastating diseases and their untiring efforts to fund research into treatments and cures. 


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Do not dwell

On the unattainable

Some things

Are not in your destiny 

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One glorious moment

In your arms

Uprooted me from myself

And I was lost forever 

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Pure Heart

If your heart is pure

There is nothing

That you need

Be ashamed of 


About Us

2become1poetry is a unique collaboration between two friends, Poet and Photographer, who have shared a common view of humanity and who have each spent a lifetime communicating their experiences and thoughts on the joys and trials of being human through their own medium and in their own style.

Both being diagnosed and treated for life limiting illnesses, Motor Neurone Disease and Sarcoma, almost simultaneously brought them to the realisation that a remarkable synergy existed between their work and that combining their talents could produce a body of work that spoke directly to people through all of their senses. This book, Two Become One, is the result. Poignant, and insightful they examine life's rich journey in words and images, finding resonances within the life experiences of their readers that are laid bare within these pages. 

We thank you for  spending time with us and hope you enjoy the journey.

About the Charities


Although it can feel like it at times, especially when you face heartbreak or disaster and receive devastating news or unexpected diagnoses, none of us is truly alone. The effects of these events are felt by family, friends and colleagues too. It is here that the wonderful work of charities is often felt. These selfless, dedicated and highly motivated people provide a multitude of services, such as counselling and support for victims and their families, and their tireless research efforts into causes and cures provides both hope and reassurance.

Their work is invaluable. The comfort that they provide in difficult moments of peoples lives is inestimable. They provide knowledge, support and hope when most needed. 

In short, they are amazing.

The work of the two incredible charities that we wish to highlight here can be viewed at;

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Universal Heartbeat

What is your heartbeat

If not the rhythm

Of the universe? 


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